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June 19




152 cm (5')



Hair Color

Caramel brown and pale blue

Eye Color


Professional Status

Circus (Ship 2)


SSS Fighter

Personal Status

Mariko (Parent figure)
Elder brother

Sakura is a SSS fighter for circus on airship two.

Appearance Edit

Sakura is a short and curvy girl with caramel brown and blue hair held in a thin braid pulled over to the right. Her bangs are jagged and held over to the right. She has wide pink eyes, narrow shoulders, and a small waist. She is noted by Yogi to be very cute.

Personality Edit

She is a kind girl who tends to be shy around those who she is not familiar with. Upon getting to know her, she often shows sarcasm casually, although she rarely loses her kind touch.

She is a Nyanperowna fan, and is quite happy to be working alongside the character.

History Edit

Abandoned as baby and left on doorstep, Mariko was the old lady that took care of her until she was murdered and Sakura was taken. From the age of 6 to 9 she was in a Kafka lab. At 9 she was taken in by Airship 2, 10-11 she went to Kuronato become an agent of Circus. When she returned she met Yogi who was 17. He came to Airship a couple weeks after she left and took time to decide to become and agent so he return about a months after her return.

Relationships Edit

Yogi Edit

Yogi thought that she was adorable because of how short she was, which made her mad. They became really close with each other very quickly though.

Gareki Edit

She meets Nai and Gareki during the episode where they are playing hide and seek (she wasn't feeling well so she didn't play). Sakura realized that the ship was empty and passed a window only to see the commotion outside happening. 

Nai Edit


Abilities Edit

Flight Edit

Like most Circus members, Sakura can fly. She is known for her speed and agility while doing so

Weapon Edit

Her weapon appears as a simple black pole with a red paper lantern on it hanging from a string.

Hinotama Edit

This attack's name means 'Fireball' in Japanese.  The lantern is consumed in fire and she is able to throw a fireball at an enemy.

Kēiji Edit

Means cage in Japanese. Creates a cage of fire to keep opponent locked in place (only last 5 minutes, time increases later)

Bo-staff Edit

Sakura is able to use just the pole as a form of attack and defense.

Containment Edit

During the experiments they mixed her blood with Varuga blood and found that it dissolved. They found that she has the ability to take in their blood and it with just dissolve, the after effect is that she gets really sick (Body fights off the virus).

Trivia Edit

  • She is also known as Saki, cherry, Circus's baby, and Blood Puppet
  • Her favorite colors are purple, grey, and blue
  • Hobbies: Painting, reading, walking around towns, and cooking
  • Likes: Nyanperowna, fire, fruits, and coffee
  • Dislikes: Yelling, thunder, bitter tastes, Kafka, and Varuga, doctors (except Akari)
  • Fears: Thunder, spiders, and needles