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Mika Katsuragi (桂城 央香, Katsūragi Mika) is a Fighter of Circus on the Second Ship.

Mika Katsuragi
Mika Katsuragi Circus Female Princess

桂城 央香


Katsūragi Mika


Mika Katsuragi








159 cm (5' 2")

Hair Color


Eye Color

Sunlight Yellow

Professional Status

Circus (Second Ship)


Circus Fighter

Personal Status


Appearance Edit

Mika has shoulder-length curly black hair, and shiny yellow eyes. She wears an unmentioned Girls Academy uniform, that entails a white under shirt with a pink rim and matching bow a skirt.

Other than that she wears a blue silk vest with gold buttons. She secretly has a locket hiding in her uniform that transforms into her weapon, which is a gold and pink bow and arrow.

Personality Edit

Mika is a very sweet and caring girl, and has been like this since childhood. When she is around Gareki, she's often shy to talk to him since she has a crush on him. They first met after being captured with Nai. Though Mika thinks of Yogi and Nai as little brothers regardless of age, when Mika's annoyed by Yogi she sometimes has a bit of a temper and often kicks him to ease her frustration, much to his dismay.

History Edit

Mika was born an ordinary child throughout her life until the day her parent's died trying to protect her from Varuga. One day, she meets a tall handsome gentleman known as Hirato who instantly recognized the girl from the locket she wears around her neck.

Hirato greets her as the Princess of Carnival and made her the Archer of the Circus. 10 years later, Mika was kidnapped by a Varuga along with Nai until Gareki appears out of nowhere which eventually catches her eye and instantly fell in love with him. Although Gareki doesn't show it, he eventually starts falling for her bit by bit.

Relationships Edit

Nai Edit

Mika thinks of Nai as a little brother and always tries to be there for him no matter what

Gareki Edit

Mika has a crush on Gareki ever since she and Nai were rescued by him, whenever Mika tries to talk to Gareki. She also has a bit of a connection with Gareki since they don't have a family and possibly have met before somewhere in the past

Yogi Edit

Mika treats also like a brother but sometimes a bit of an annoyance to her when every he ends up saying or doing something stupid or childish.

Hirato Edit

Hirato is a wonderful friend and butler of Mika, of course he thinks of her as a little sister/daughter figure but doesn't show it very often.

Tsukumo Edit

Mika thinks of her as a sister but she is also her very dearest friend since childhood.

Karoku Arumerita Edit

She only thought of him as a dear friend of Nai that needed help.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite fruits are apples and strawberries
  • Her favorite flower is the baby pink rose
  • Her favorite animal is Nyanperowna
  • Her favorite seasons are Spring and Summer
  • She enjoys day dreaming