Name of the fan fiction (kanji -optional-, romaji -optional-) is a fanfiction written by -author(s)-. -what it is about- It was released -release date- on -first platform to release the fanfic-.

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Notes about why the author(s) made the fanfic, idea dump, etc.

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-If there is any, write it here. If not, do not create this heading-

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  • Character 1
  • Character 2

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  • Character 1
  • Character 2

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If there are any plans, or an existing animation based of the fan fiction, write details about it's production team, ideas, etc. here.

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They should all be tagged with the "Fanfiction" tag. These should go down in the categories section, but mark it like so:

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Put all that apply.

  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Surreal
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Historical Fiction
  • Slice of Life
  • Science Fiction
  • Lemon/Lime

By Rating Edit

  • E - Everyone (Titles with this rating are appropriate for all ages. They contain no offensive material. They may contain mild violence and/or some comic mischief.)
  • T - Teen (Titles with this rating are appropriate for a teen audience and older. They may contain some violent content, language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • T+ - Teen Plus (Titles with this rating are appropriate for an audience of 16 or older. They may contain partial nudity, mild profanity and more intense violence.)
  • M - Mature (Titles with this rating are appropriate for mature readers. They may contain graphic violence, nudity, sex, and other content such as alcohol and drug consumption. All lemons/limes must be rated M)

By Story Length Edit

  • One-Shot - A story that has no other chapters, and comes to a conclusion rather than a cliffhanger
  • Trilogy - This type of stories has three chapters/books, normally a prequel, the main event, and a sequel
  • Two-Sided - A story that ha two chapters or two sides to the stories (ex. Boxers/Saints by Gene Luen Yang)
  • Chaptered - A story with more than two chapters
  • Drabble - A story which is about the length of a big paragraph

By Story Type Edit

  • Canon x OC - A story in which a canon character and OC (Original Character) are romantically paired
  • OC X OC - A story in which two OCs are romantically paired
  • Canon x Canon - A story in which two canon characters are romantically paired
  • Love Triangle - A story in which two characters are in love with one other character
  • Buddy Buddy - A story in which nobody is romantically paired, and instead may show the progression of a friendship
  • Random - A story in which it may not have any relationships developing, but it just shows a day in the life of said characters